Alchemist Technologies specializes in the following services

Powerpoint Presentation Design

* One-to-one presentation
* Handwritten contentin the form offax, image, or PDF scanwill be transferred into the PowerPoint template given by client. We    focus on delivering 100% accuracy in a one-to-one production

Powerpoint Template Design

* Our specialist team designs the PowerPoint template according to the inputs provided by the client
* We have a dedicated questionnaire to gather information about the client's preferences and corporate identity

Powerpoint Presentation Makeover

* Existing Powerpoint presentation will be formatted and enhanced professionally in terms of layout and graphics according to client    guidelines.

High-end Presentation Design

* Powerpoint slides are designed and producedwith an advanced visual appeal by application of appropriate colors, images,    gradients,as well as matching the message to layout

Template conversion

* PowerPoint presentation in one template (i.e., source file) will be transferred into the required template (i.e., target template)
* Contents from Word and Excel can also be transferred into a PowerPoint presentation

Visual Enhancement

* Changing the existing layout of thePowerPoint slides to conform to its message Optimum usage of white space and font size

Adding Illustrative Images

* Appropriate images will be included to convey the key message more visually and prominently


* Animation helps presentation to communicate complex ideas in a fluid and structured way
* Creative team has vast experience in animating slide contents very effectively as per client guidelines.

Proof reading

* Proof reading involves a review of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of the documents
* Proof reading corrections will be incorporated in Word documents using the „Track changes„ tool

Copy Editing

*  Copy editing improvesthe style and accuracy of the text, and ensures there areno inconsistencies
* Different levels of copy editing: Light copy editing consists of doublechecking accuracy and reviewing forspelling, grammar, and        punctuation.
* Medium copy editing consists of heavy lifting, such as correcting the flow and rephrasing some of the text. With heavy copy editing    involves restructuring some paragraphs, or heavily correct style and flow.